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The Neighbours-Be-Gone®Trees, Acmena smithii (Lilly Pilly) hedges in LA

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BoxOz® Lonicera

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Grow 4 metres of BoxOz® Lonicera hedge or border for $39.90.
Box of 20×3"pots of BoxOz® Lonicera $39.90
. 3"pots $2.50 each or 5 for $11.50
BoxOz® Lonicera fast hedge and topiary

Myrtus Luma
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Myrtus Luma
3" pots 2" tall $2.50 each or 5 for $11.50, a tray of 20×3" pots only $39.90

Box Leaved Privet
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Borders on a budget, Box Leaved Privet 6" pots $4.50, 3" pots $2.50 each or 5 for $11.50, a tray of 20×3" pots only $39.90

Bloom 'in Box Cuphea
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Bloom 'in Box
Cuphea The perfect flowering border
5 plants per metre
6" pots only $3.90 ea.
A tray of 20×3" pots for  $39.90

Lambs Meadow® Sutera
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The Meadow Lawn Landscape. Grow 6 sq. metres of  Meadow Lawn for $39.90

Celtic Cascade® Salix caprea 'Pendula'
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6ft  grafted weeping
Celtic Cascade® Salix caprea 'Pendula'
Only $29.90

Bongo Borders® Liriope
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3 plants per metre or 4 plants per m2
A tray of of Bongo Borders® Liriope 20×4" pots 5" tall for $79.50, 8" pots 
for $14.50 each

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Garden ‘Slip Slops’

This funky plastic slip on is an attractive, easy to wear, durable and long lasting footwear.
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Powton® Sapphire Dragon
A shade faster than your average shade tree Only $14.50
Melbourne’s best value Mondo grass! 4" pots chock-a-block full of mondo grass only $2.75!!
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Mondo Borders
Throw Away The Shears!

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Neighbours-Be-Gone®Trees Acmena smithii
love to be trimmed
Ohh!!.. Careful with those clippers Marie!

  Chris and Marie spent a couple of days in 1999 looking at gardens in Hollywood and Beverly Hills. They saw magnificent tall narrow screens and hedges of Lilly Pilly. The Lilly Pillys were closely clipped, very dense and covered in fine, bright red new growth, they looked very classy and provided absolute privacy. gonetree46.jpg (28238 bytes)

  When Chris got back to Australia he started looking for varieties of Lilly Pilly that would be suitable for this type of hedging. The criteria was that it must be fast growing, clip well, have dense, dark green foliage and nice bronze/red new growth. It must also be resistant to Psyllid attack which causes little blisters on the newly formed leaves.

  When Chris was visiting one of our best growers in QLD, a man named Griff, he had a field of just the right strain of Lilly Pilly.
  Chris asked Griff about his Lilly Pillys and in Griffs southern drawl he said “ I call these my ‘neighbours be-gone trees’, you plant them in a row along the back fence, they grow really quick, very bushy, and in a flash, the neighbours be gonegonetree8.jpg (33622 bytes) and you can run around in the nude and do whatever you want in your backyard. In fact they are so thick and bushy, you can’t even hear your neighbour’s dog barking through them!” “Really?” asked Chris and Griff replied “No, but it’s a great story.”
Chris wrote this story on his website and it became one of the most popular stories on the web.

  The problem was that Griff couldn’t supply enough Neighbours-Be-Gone®Trees Acmena smithii. Chris and Marie’s Plant Farms have collected seed and grown over 100,000 Neighbours-Be-Gone®Trees Acmena smithii. We have started advertising toppage.gif (545 bytes)The Neighbours-Be-Gone®Trees Acmena smithii on the radio using Griff’s funny story as our creative and on our first day of advertising the phones have run hot.

Neighbours-Be- Gone®Trees Acmena smithii can grow two or more metres per year once established

gonetree47.jpg (29792 bytes)   Neighbours-Be-Gone®Trees are a select form of Acmena smithii and are exclusive to Chris and Marie’s Plant Farms. Neighbours-Be-Gone®Tree Acmena smithii (Lilly Pilly) is trademark that belongs to the Hello Hello group of companies.
Neighbours-Be-Gone®Trees Acmena smithii have deep green, dense, fine foliage and copper red new growth and can grow two or more metres per year once established, and love to be clipped and shaped.
They grow in full sun through to light shade and withstand mild frost, wind, heat and drought. They thrive in almost any soil including heavy wet and occasionally waterlogged soils.

To produce a perfect fast growing hedge or screen
Plant your trees at a 1 metre spacing, keep free of grass and weeds around base and fertilise regularly and irrigate when dry

gonetree43.jpg (23193 bytes)Psyllids
Psyllids are the only pest that attack Lilly Pilly. Fortunately the Neighbours- Be-Gone®Tree Acmena smithii is a resistant strain. Psyllids cause little blisters on the newly formed leaves and the damage they cause is only cosmetic. Spray with folimat when attacks occur.

Neighbours-Be-Gone®Trees Acmena smithii in the Landscape marienbg.jpg (7835 bytes)

chrisnbg.jpg (7443 bytes)Neighbours-Be-Gone®Trees Acmena smithii can be used to create tall screens, large hedges and large topiary. They can be planted in pots or confined areas. Although they have the potential to grow into large trees, their size can be contained by regular clipping. The trunk and roots only grow to serve the needs of the crown of the tree, so the trunk and root system will remain small, while the tree is being kept small by regular trimming. Neighbours-Be- Gone®Trees Acmena smithii are a long living tree that don’t become woody or sick from long-term regular pruning. A well maintained Neighbours-Be-Gone® Trees Acmena smithii hedge or topiary can last for many decades.

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  Chris and Marie flew to LA recently for a well-earned holiday. Whilst they were holidaying in LA they couldn't believe how many Neighbours-Be-Gone®Trees Acmena smithii that they saw.

  Chris and Marie observed that the people of LA are very creative with their Neighbours-Be-Gone®Trees Acmena smithii and they found Neighbours-Be-Gone®Trees Acmena smithii hedges, screens and topiary shapes used in almost every street of LA.

Neighbours-Be-Gone®Trees Acmena smithii hedges, screens and topiary shapes

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One particular hedge located just off Melrose Ave caught Chris and Marie's eye. They decided that they must shoot some footage of this hedge and bring it home to Australia to create a Neighbours-Be-Gone® Trees Acmena smithii TV ad.
  Marie was concerned that Chris was going to be arrested
  George, a friend of Chris and Marie's, who is involved in community projects with underprivileged
gonetree59.jpg (27055 bytes)youths, directed them to a Cameraman by the name of Dan who films documentaries for a living. They asked Dan if he would help them to shoot their Neighbours-Be-Gone® Trees Acmena smithii TV ad and Dan agreed. When Chris & Marie were driving around LA discussing and looking at which   gonetree24.jpg (15418 bytes)Neighbours-Be-Gone®Trees Acmena smithii to shoot for their TV ad Marie was concerned that Chris was going to be arrested. All of the homes in Beverly Hills are protected by security response and armed guards, you can imagine peoples surprise when Chris knocked on their doors asking them if they would mind if he could run around nude behind their Neighbours-Be-Gone®Trees Acmena smithii!!

Chris & Marie filmed the hedge of a lovely South African women who told Chris & Marie that she really loved her hedge because it gave her good privacy and she couldn't understand why everyone in LA didn't have one! gonetree35.jpg (20300 bytes)

Whilst driving around LA Chris and Marie took several pictures with their digital camera of the Neighbours-Be-Gone® Trees Acmena smithii hedges, screens and topiary shapes so that they could show our customers the versatility of this beautiful tree. They observed that all the Neighbours-Be-Gone®Trees Acmena smithii screens were beautifully lush and green with bright new bronze growth developing and that the screens were thick and dense with foliage growing right down to the ground, making them a totally solid screen. Chris and Marie marveled at just how beautiful a screen the Neighbours-Be-Gone®Trees Acmena smithii can create.
  Marie says that she is glad to be home as now she can rest. Chris & Marie love Neighbours-Be-Gone®Trees Acmena smithii so much that they spent most of their holidays filming and photographing The Neighbours-Be-Gone®Trees Acmena smithii.

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