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Box leaved Privet will grow in almost any soil or conditions
privet8.jpg (15545 bytes)  At Chris and Marie’s Plant Farms we grow a wide range of low hedge and border plants so that we are able to recommend the right border or hedge to suit a persons garden conditions and requirements.

  Box leaved privet is one of the most popular as it grows all year round, it will grow in almost any soil or conditions and if itprivet7.jpg (16514 bytes) is kept trimmed it looks as good or better than English Box. Because it is fast and easy to grow Chris and Marie’s Plant Farms sell 10” tall 3” pots $3.00 each or 4 for $11.00, a tray of 20×3"pots only $49.90. To create a dense bushy low hedge or border you only need to plant 4 plants per metre. Box leaved privet loves plenty of water, regular fertilising and regular trimming, given these are provided, you will find that you can create a dense fine traditional or English Box style border in just one full growing season with very little cost.

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  Box leaved privet love hot sunny positions, they don’t do well in a shady corner, and almost any soil as long as it is moderately well drained. I rememberprivet10.jpg (15800 bytes) years ago one nurseryman used to refer to the Box leaved privet as the poor mans box. Box leaved privet means that anybody can have one of the best looking traditional style hedges at very low cost in almost any soil in one full growing season. At Hello Hello we are not so sure the Box Leaved Privet is a poor mans box because even though we sell 10” tall 3” pots of Box Leaved Privet for $3.00 making it the best value hedge or border in Melbourne, we find that we are delivering them to some of the best addresses in Melbourne.

10” tall Box Leaved Privet 3” pots $3.00 each or 4 for $11.00,
a tray of 20×3"pots only $49.90

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Privet is an ideal hedge in a small area
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Privet hedge along driveway BoxOz® Lonicera used around front of house
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Privet hedge
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Privet hedge used
along driveway
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Acmena smithii
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6ft  grafted weeping
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