Boutique Japanese Weeping Maples

Weeping Maples originated in Japan, where Buddhist monks collected Maples from the forest that had beautiful forms and propagated them in the gardens of their monasteries. These Maples were bred and developed over hundreds of years into the beautiful red leafed Maples that we know today. From the turn of the century shiploads of exotic plants were imported from Japan and planted into Melbourne gardens. Australian nurserymen have propagated from these maples.

It takes 5-20 years to make a good weeping maple. It takes 3-10 years to grow the ordinary wild Japanese Maple, which is pruned, then grafted, with the weeping head. Then it takes another 3-10 years to grow a beautiful head. The whole process is a skilled craft and in the heads, the resultant weeping Maple is a work of art.

There are only 10-15 nurserymen who produce weeping Maples and none of them produce more than a few hundred good specimens a year. Consequently Japanese Maples are always in short supply, and can be difficult to purchase, as they are often very expensive. Most nurseries have no more than 6 to a dozen on display.

We have hundreds of Maples for sale, in various shapes and sizes. You can shop online, and order over the phone and have you Maple delivered for an additional $34.90.