Chris’ Garden Design Service

Garden Designs are back! There are very limited spaces available. Here are the available timeslots that you can choose from after filling out the Garden Design Questionnaire.

Available all day from 8am-6pm Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

  • Is your garden needing a little touch-up or a complete overhaul?
  • Are you selling, but the front yard is leaving much to be desired in the sales photo?
  • Tired of seeing the same old yard and want to spruce it up?

Where normal Garden Designs can cost thousands, Hello Hello is offering a FREE tailor-made, one-on-one garden design with Chris when you purchase a Garden DesignPackage!

To purchase the Garden Design Package you only have to pay a deposit and you will be entitled to your one-on-one Garden Design with Chris.
You will come away with a clear action plan for your garden including a complete list of the plants you need within your specified budget and a clear idea of exactly what needs to be done to transform your garden.

When you purchase your plants on the same day following your Garden Design, your deposit will be removed from the total! If the purchase of the plants is done on a different day, the deposit will not be deducted. If you have a change of mind with the garden design after paying the deposit, but want to purchase other plants and garden supplies from us worth the garden lot or more, we will deduct the deposit!

What’s included:

  • Plants in the garden lot
  • FREE one-on-one Garden Design consultation with Chris
  • Layout and plan for your garden
  • List of plants required
  • Free Metro Melbourne or Regional City Centre delivery *
    (check your delivery area by clicking the link or ask one of our friendly staff to see if you’re eligible)


Terms & Conditions

A deposit must be paid prior to the garden design with Chris. The deposit will be presented as a refundable coupon, which may be spent on either the garden lot of products in the Garden Design or an equivalent purchase from the nursery. A minimum of ‘garden lot’ value, including the deposit, must be spent to receive the one-on-one Garden Design with Chris for FREE. Purchase of the plants is required on the same day for the deposit to be deducted.

* Free delivery only eligible on orders over $200 in specified areas within Victoria. Please check our delivery page or ask one of our friendly staff if you are eligible.


We specialize in:

  • Preparing your property to sell – get an instant garden design for impact
  • Garden make-overs – freshen up your existing garden
  • Garden design – for new properties
  • Meeting council requirements – Receive a quote for your entire planting list and have everything delivered on-site, on time

Whether it be Modern Gardens, Formal Gardens, “Unkillable” Gardens, whatever the need of the individual, we can make it a reality…and with competitive prices and bargain delivery too!

Easy as that!

Click here to take our Garden Design Questionnaire and request your garden design! 


New build empty garden

Garden Design Consultation

Plants delivered to site

DIY planting

Finished new garrden

Our Garden Design Philosophy

The key to having a great garden that you love is not dependent on how hard you work or how much you spend, it’s the quality of the design.

Chris and his team have for many years had a garden design service to assist our customers. Chris’ unique design philosophy ensures that all Victorians can have a beautifully functional garden that they love no matter the budget, gardening skills or knowledge.

The key is design.

Chris believes that everyone has their garden buried deep in their mind and it is just a matter of unearthing their likes, dislikes, their objectives and needs. The first step is to fill in our unique Garden Design Questionnaire, and while you are answering the questions you are actively starting to design your own garden.


Getting Your Garden Design Started

To get your own Garden Design, simply:

  • Fill out our Garden Design Questionnaire, which will help both you and us understand your garden requirements. If at all possible, include measurements of your area and photos of the space.
  • Then one of our support staff will be in contact with you to book your garden design consultation with a deposit for the design. These are always in store at Hello Hello Plants (1477 Sydney Rd, Campbellfield).
    Allow allocated time depending on package.
  • Bring:
    – Measurements and photos of your garden area (if not already supplied)
    – A sample of your soil if you are uncertain of the type
    – A can-do attitude
  • Once you are happy with your design, we will help you source the plants and can deliver them for as little as $14.99 in Metro Melbourne.
    Spend the garden lot value on your plant order, your deposit for Chris’ Garden Design will be credited toward your order!
    So now your design is completely free!*
  • Garden designs are available in-store only.

*To get your deposit, you need to place your order on the day of completing your garden design with Chris.

We’ll see you in store!


Click here to take the Garden Design Questionnaire and get the process started!

Garden Design Case Study

Zenadia & Aaron had just moved into a new house and completed the hard landscaping at the front. They noticed that most of the houses in the street had very average gardens and they wanted something special. But being at the end of their build they were on a tight budget.

They found our free garden design offer on Google, filled in our garden design questionnaire, and made an appointment to come into the nursery and get a design by Chris.

They wanted something a little bit Zen with a Japanese influence that would go with their very modern house. Chris helped them design a very simple colourful garden that would be very easy for them to construct themselves.

Aaron owns his own construction company Transformer Homes and is quite handy when it comes to building! Both Aaron and Zenadia were able to build their own garden to save costs on labour. But if you don’t have the time or the ability to do the hard labour, we can recommend economically priced landscapers to assist you in completing your garden.

Chris supplied them with an action plan and a design. The plants were delivered and with no more than a day’s hard work their garden was complete. With Aaron supervising Zenadia they were able to put together the garden themselves at a budget of under $2,000. If they had hired a landscaper their garden could have cost upward of $6,000 for design, labour and materials. In terms of costs, the plants were $1,450, Aaron spent $450 on pebbles, mulch & edging, and the design and their labour were free!

No matter what your budget, if you need a garden design for a new property, a balcony, a commercial development, or an old garden in need of renewal, we’re here to help!

Click here to take the Garden Design Questionnaire and get the process started

Hello Hello Plants Campbellfield Melbourne Victoria Australia Garden Design with $100 Deposit Free Garden Design

Garden designs are available in-store only.