Low Maintenance

Modern life leaves little time for house and garden work, and so came the low maintenance garden. This garden type is exactly as it’s named – low maintenance. The owner is required to do very little work to continually enjoy a beautiful and lush garden. The low maintenance garden can incorporate other styles of garden such as Cottage, Modern or Tropical providing the plants chosen require little to no maintenance!


Key Features

  • Hardy, non picky-plants that don’t require a lot of your attention
  • Dwarf plants are a good low maintenance option
  • Little water requirement plants, use a watering system
  • Small or no lawn areas.
  • Mulch or pebbled beds to reduce weeds
  • Smaller garden beds
  • Some plants should grow wild (thus why dwarf plants are ideal!)
  • Paved, outdoor spaces
  • Any colour scheme will work, so long as it doesn’t have to be maintained!



Low maintenance as that’s the name of this garden style! Mowing the lawn (if you’ve kept one), pulling a few weeds and the occasional watering where required.



Lawn mower, edge trimmer and gardening gloves.