Terms, Conditions, Return & Refund Policy


Unless specified, images on our website depict fully grown/established plants in a garden setting, not the actual potted plant you will receive. However we will provide actual images where possible, and can do so on request.


All prices shown are GST inclusive although GST is shown as a separate amount on the bottom of your invoice. Prices frequently change, and are only guaranteed as actually displayed on our website at the time of sale or within the applicable date range documented in written promotion.


All products available for sale on our website are not physically situated at our retail store or dispatch facility at all times. In some cases we will deliver your plants directly from the grower to you. As a result, we cannot guarantee supply of the exact varieties you have ordered in the exact quantities requested, as we may be unable to supply some of your plants if there has been an unforeseen shortage and they have sold out. If this occurs, we will notify you and work with you to source appropriate substitute varieties, or provide a partial or full refund if you prefer.


If you have any problems with our products or service do not hesitate to complain to any of our staff, or call us on 03 9359 3331 or email us at sales@hellohelloplants.com.au so we have a chance to correct the situation.

Refunds & Exchange of Goods

We are happy to exchange goods within 14 days of purchase as long as they are in the same condition as when they were purchased. Plants that have been planted or have wilted due to not being watered or cared for during their time in your possession will not be accepted for exchange, return or refund. It is at the managers’ discretion to exchange or replace goods purchased. This will only be considered upon presentation of your original cash register receipt or online sales invoice.

For a change of mind, we are not able to give cash refunds, and credit notes will be issued where applicable.

Cases where plants die within 14 days of purchase are subject to review by the staff of Hello Hello Plants & Garden Supplies to determine the cause, and replaced where found to be defective. Plants killed by incorrect handling or treatment by the customer will not be replaced or refunded.

You are entitled to a refund under Australian law if the goods or service we rendered to you were not as promised or described. For example, if we are unable to provide the plant variety you purchased, you are entitled to a refund if you are not happy with a substitute plant. Return of goods in the original condition will be required to obtain a refund.

Do not plant out plants, or neglect them, if you intend to seek a refund or exchange. The conditions of a refund or exchange is that the goods are returned in the original condition.

Additional guarantees are issued from time to time by Hello Hello Plants & Garden Supplies that may modify these terms, such as unconditional replacement of “Celtic Cascade” plants. Any such guarantees are described in documentation found on our website, and only remain active while published therein.

We will refund your order in full where we have obtained a custom freight quote which you are not satisfied with, and you communicate to us that you do not wish to proceed with the order.

While we endeavor to process refunds and exchanges as quickly as possible, refunds of online orders may take up to 14 days to process once the refund is authorized by Hello Hello Plants & Garden Supplies management.

Delivery Timeframes

Delivery time-frames are provided as a guide only. Your exact delivery time will be communicated to you by Hello Hello Plants & Garden Supplies staff. You are entitled to a refund of undelivered products if agreements as to delivery that are communicated in written correspondence such as emails are not met.