Roses are hardy, deciduous, prickly bushes that are also arguably the most famous flower in the world, prized for their beauty and often their fragrance. There are four main types of roses, and many rose varieties are available in multiple types. Hello Hello Plants offer all in a huge range of varieties to suit your needs:

Bush Roses: Here a selected rose variety has been budded onto a short cane. Bush roses are cheap to buy and can be used effectively as hedges, individual specimens or borders.

Climbing Roses: A rose which has been bred to have a climbing habit, just as its name suggests. Climbing roses can be used to cover walls and fences, grown over archways or be trained into trellis.

Standard Roses: These are roses that have been grafted or budded onto a tall, straight cane of a wild rose, giving them a “ball on a stick” look. They’re a popular item for a formal garden, and look great mixed in with bush roses or informal cottage style gardens too.

Weeping Roses: These are also roses graften onto a tall, straight stem, but with their heads selected to form a weeping habit. Just like a weeping tree, they are very beautiful.