Extreme Coastal

Living right on the beachfront is very natural and special, yet gardening right on the beach can present another special challenge. Some plants will thrive by the beachfront provided you are realistic about what you decide to plant. For extreme conditions we have chosen the very hardiest seaside plants.

Wind is one of the main enemies of the seaside garden tearing at the foliage and drying out the soil. The salt carried in the wind will scorch the leaves and may cause stunted growth on some plants. The other main enemy is the sandy soil, which the water will run straight through, drying out the plants. For best results in these conditions Devotion Planting Mix for Sandy Soils should be dug through and mixed with the original parent soil, along with a soil wetter and then a good mulch placed on top as this will hold maximum water around the roots and stake the plants for extra wind protection.