Coastal Banksia


Banksia integrifolia

Coastal Banksia is very hardy, with its waxy, evergreen foliage that is dark green on the top, with beautiful silvery/white on the underside, showing their appeal on windy days. It is a small tree or large shrub, growing to approx. 5m and happy to be trimmed. Minimal care is required for this Aussie beauty, being hardy to medium frosts, drought, wind and average soils.

This Banksia is noted for it’s showy, upright, cone-like yellow flowers which are visible from January through to June, attracting our native birdlife.  The flowers are fabulous for cut flowers and are long lasting so you can enjoy them longer! 

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Additional information

botanical name

Banksia integrifolia

height x width

5m x 3m


Cones of yellow brush like flowers during autumn, dark green leaves with white underneath, bird attracting, good hardy coastal tree, lime tolerant


Full sun to part shade

landscape use

Cut flower arrangements, screens, windbreaks, hedges and specimens