Nowadays, as we are becoming more water conscious, and with the memory of water restrictions not very far behind us, an exciting trend of gardening and landscape design has evolved.

Key Features

  • Clean, neat lines and architecture
  • Organised plantings and groupings, often measured out
  • Natural tones: wood, stone, concrete and neatly manicured lawn
  • Mixture of colours, shapes and textures
  • Fluid or geometric sculptures – re-purposed wheelbarrows and furniture have no place here
  • Structural, neat and low maintenance plants
  • Easily maintained hedges and trees (minimal deciduous trees and bushes)



Low to moderate maintenance as one of the keys to a Modern garden are neat, structural plants. Often, these plants are drought and sun tolerant and require little pruning, excluding a main hedge.



Hedge trimmer or shears, secateurs, loppers, mower, line trimmer, gardening gloves