Hampton Garden

The Hamptons along the East Coast of Long Island, US have created a garden style of their own, combining traditional elements of formal, cottage and modern garden styles coupled with the open airiness of beach front accommodation.
Neat, clean, well manicured and well planned are the main elements of a Hampton-style garden. Hampton gardens often incorporate paving and rich greenery, symmetry and above all, order in an outdoor space. They attract those who crave neatness, well lit open spaces and a hint of colour.

Key Elements

  • Rich greenery
  • Symmetry and order
  • Box hedging & Topiary
  • Classic flowers – gardenia, Iceberg roses & hydrangeas for example
  • Lush, well manicured turf
  • Pavers
  • Colour palette of beige, sandstones, grey, white and blues.



There is a lot of maintenance involved in a Hampton-style garden. In order to keep the symmetry and neatness, ongoing hedging, edging and pruning will be required.



We suggest investing in a lawn mower, edge trimmer, electric hedge shears, loppers and secateurs – or, monthly to fortnightly visits from a qualified gardener.