4.5ft Mature Standard Ficus


Standard Ficus Hilli

Standard Ficus are a superior topiary plant, and add class and interest to modern and formal gardens. Also suitable to grow in pots.

These Standard Ficus are relatively matured, with a thicker stem than a young plant. They are 4.5ft tall with a 3ft tall relatively thick stem and a 1.5ft diameter head.

12″ pot size, 4.5ft in height.

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Additional information


Ficus hillii


1-1.2m standard plus head


Rich, glossy green leaves, gives a very lush appeal


Full sun to part shade in well-drained soil, protect from heavy frosts


Specimen, borders, pots, courtyards, balconies, under larger shrubs and trees, general landscaping, patios, entertaining areas, entrances,