Ficus hillii ‘Flash’ 1.2m Standard 10″ Pot


Ficus microcarpa hillii ‘Flash’

Standards don’t come any better than with Ficus ‘Flash’! The dense, upright habit and deep, glossy emerald green foliage make Ficus one of the best looking standards on the market.

The rapid growth of Ficus hillii ‘Flash’ means a fast standard or topiary can be achieved and, in this standard form, they lend themselves to becoming a beautiful pleached hedge with an underplanting of groundcovers, grasses or feature rocks.

This Australian native tolerates many conditions and is suitable for planting in pots and containers, on balcony’s and cafe seating areas.

10”/25cm pot – 4ft Standard, approx 1.2m tall

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Additional information


Ficus hillii


1-1.2m standard plus head


Rich, glossy green leaves, gives a very lush appeal


Full sun to part shade in well-drained soil, protect from heavy frosts


Specimen, borders, pots, courtyards, balconies, under larger shrubs and trees, general landscaping, patios, entertaining areas, entrances,