Banksia Rose ‘Yellow’ 8″ Pot


Rosa banksiae 

The Banksia Rose is a tough evergreen climbing rose with soft ruffled yellow flowers which appear in Spring. Like Iceberg Roses, it’s prized as a disease resistant and hardy rose. It works well as a groundcover rose or a climber when given a support such as a trellis.

The Banksia rose is an incredibly useful and versatile climber or groundcover as it is low maintenance, thornless and tolerates full sun and part shade.

8″/20cm pot size.

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Additional information

height x width

Climber to 3-4m

planting distance

For hedge or screen: 70cm


Very hardy, likes full sun and well-drained soil

landscape use

fences, screens, cover unattractive sheds, pergolas, arbors, rotundas, trellis