Callistemon viminalis ‘Weeping Bottlebrush’ 16″ Pot


Callistemon viminalis – Melaleuca viminalis

This delightful mass flowering callistemon is a favourite for many reasons, including it’s long flowering period from Spring through to Autumn and often sporadic flowering throughout the rest of the year.  Due to it’s abundance of flowers, it tends to create a slightly weeping or drooping look, hence the nickname “Drooping Bottle Brush”.

This Callistemon is native to the east coast of Australia and thrives in most harsh conditions.  It will grow to between 3 – 6m depending on conditions and can be used as a tree, shrub or trimmed into a lovely flowering hedge.  It will also attract beautiful Australian Native birds who enjoy this Callistemon as much as you will.

16”/40cm pot

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