Charlie Carp All Purpose Liquid Fertilizer Spray Pack 2.2L


Charlie Carp All Purpose is one of Australia’s best organically based, environmentally friendly generalpurpose liquid fertiliser. This award-winning general fertiliser that can be used on all plants and shrubs, is organically based and is made from European carp, a pest that is destroying Australian waterways.

This ready to use spray on pack is the ideal way to foliar fertilise, which is where nutrients are sprayed directly on the leaves of plants for instant absorption. This pack is easy to click onto your hose system and fertilise the entire garden in one go, from your lawn to your trees, shrubs, seedlings and hedges. If you purchase a 1 litre concentrate pack as well, you can refill this handy spray pack, and get three foliar applications for the price of two.

  • For the best results we recommend applying to the foliage until saturated to the point of dripping – this allows the plants to take in the nutrients immediately, and the run-off drips into the soil feeding the roots.
  • Charlie Carp is best applied on it’s own as mixing with other products may effect performance.
  • When temperatures exceed 32°C do not apply to foliage as leaf or fruit damage may be possible.

Use Charlie Carp for all plants & shrubs including: Lawns, Vegetables, Flowers, Indoor Plants, Hanging Baskets, Strawberries, Palms, Orchids, Roses, Ferns, Native Shrubs, Seedlings, Herbs.

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