Cedrela ‘Chinese Pink Cedar’ 13″ Pot


Cedrella sinensis 

Every year in Spring people ask Chris “What’s that fantastic pink tree I saw?” This is the Chinese Cedar, or Toon Tree, which features beautiful pink leaves in Spring. The colour is so brilliant when the leaves emerge that it seems out of this world. Foliage then softens to a cream and then pale green by Summer.

Pink Chinese Cedar features narrow upright growth, which is handy with less space in the garden needed to have one of your own. It will reach a maximum height of around 8 meters.

13″ pot size.

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Additional information

botanical name

Cedrella sinensis

height x width

7-8m x 2m


A tall narrow growing tree with pinnate leaves that turn bright pink for the springtime


Full sun to part shade in well-drained soil

landscape use

Specimen, narrow gardens, parks