Citrus Cumquat ‘Calamondin’ Espaliered 16″ Pot


Citrofortunella microcarpa

Calamondin is considered a cross between a mandarin and a cumquat. The tree bears shiny deep-green leaves and grows to a height of 3 – 6 meters. The fruit are orange in colour when fully ripe and are great for cooking, they have many uses from spices to jams and more.

These trees can be planted in groups or as an individual specimen tree for a garden. They grow best in a position of full sun and in well drained soil.

This Cumquat tree is in an espaliered form, an ancient method of training trees to grow against vertical surfaces such as walls, fences or wires between wooden posts. Rough Size 800 x 600mm.

16″/40cm pot size. Espalier (Weaved onto Lattice)

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