Claret Ash Tree 8″ Pot

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Fraxinus angustifolia raywood ‘Claret Ash’

The Claret Ash is a big oval tree with ever changing coloured feathery leaves, starting at a light green in spring they then darken a little for summer before turning into it’s famous rich deep red-purple colour in autumn. As this beauty is deciduous it can provide shade for your garden from the hot summer sun, yet also let in those precious rays of light during winter.

Claret Ash is fast growing and looks fantastic as a big feature tree in your yard, lining large driveways or planted in parks. This gorgeous tree loves full sun and is both frost and drought tolerant to boot!

Grows Approximately H: 12 Meters W: 7 Meters

8″ pot size, approximately 3ft in height.

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Fraxinus oxycarpa ?Raywood?


10m x 8m


Fine pinnate deep green leaves that turn rich claret color in autumn, a great color contrast


Full sun in well drained soil


Specimen, parks, street, avenues, driveways, shade tree