Oregano ‘Common’ 3″ Pot


Common Oregano

There are many different varieties of oregano. Common oregano is sometimes called “wild marjoram” because of its similar flavour, however marjoram is sweeter and milder than oregano. It is a herbaceous perennial with purple or white flowers. It’s a hardy plant and makes a good ground cover. They can reach 60cm in height, but keeping it trimmed back is better for the plant. Oregano loves sun so a position in midday sun is perfect for it. It likes well drained soil and an average amount of watering. However bear in mind that, the more sun it gets the stronger the flavour will be! It has a zesty, strong taste and is mainly used in Italian, Mexican and Spanish cuisine, and Greeks toss fresh oregano it in their salads. Oregano can be harvested at any time, but has its strongest flavour just before flowering. You can freeze it to store, or dry it, once dried store it in an airtight container. Although mostly used for culinary purposes, there are some remedial benefits to oregano. Oregano is high in antioxidants. In Austria, traditional medicine sees this herb being used both internally (as tea), and externally (as ointment), for treatment of disorders of the gastro tract, respiratory tract, and nervous system.

3″ pot size.

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Origanum Vulgare