Curry Tree 6″ Pot

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Murraya Koenigii “Curry Tree”

Crush a curry leaf between your fingers and breathe in the slightly spicy, citrus scent. 
Curry leaves are the shiny, dark green, aromatic leaves of a tree from the citrus fruit family that release a deliciously nutty aroma when fried in hot oil.  
They can be used in curries, vegetable dishes, chutneys, pickles or to make an aromatic infused olive oil.  
Use the leaves on the BBQ to add a warm, smoky, spicy flavour to fish, meat and potatoes.
Simply pile a large handful of leaves onto the BBQ plate and place the fish or meat on top and cook covered with a deep lid from a large pan and impress your hungry guests!

NOTE: The seeds are poisonous and should not be eaten.

6″ pot size.

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