Erigeron ‘Seaside Daisy’ 4″ Pot


Erigeron karvinskianus ‘Seaside Daisy’ or ‘Daisy Spray’

Daisy Spray Erigeron is the best form of Australia’s most popular landscape plant, the Seaside Daisy. It will quickly and easily grow to cover large areas or difficult sites as a colourful hardy, low maintenance flowering groundcover.

4″ pot size.

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Product Description

Daisy Spray Erigeron is a superior form of the Seaside Daisy, Erigeron karvinskianus, that will grow into a compact mound 60 cm in diameter and 40 cm tall. Daisy Spray Erigeron retains its compact shape & dosen’t self-sow and spread throughout the garden. Daisy Spray Erigeron’s soft pink & white daisy flowers are borne in a densely massed profusion for most of the year. Take a look at our fact sheet on Daisy Spray to find out more information.

Additional information


Erigeron ?select form?


60cm x 40cm compact mound


soft pink-white daisy flowers are borne in densely massed profusion most of the year


Likes hot sun to part shade and will tolerate the poorest soils, is beneficial to cut back from time to time


Great for covering large areas and difficult sites, pots, hanging baskets, seaside conditions, grown under other plants, plant 4 plants per m2 for a rapid groundcover or 3 plants per metre for a quick border,