Dietes ‘Butterfly Grass’ 3″ Pot

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Dietes Butterfly Grass

Dietes Butterfly Grass thrives in difficult sites, enjoys drought, wind, heat and poor soils. Hardy and easy to grow, strappy evergreen with white flowers.

3″ pot size, approximately 2ft in height.

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Product Description

Butterfly Grass® Dietes has nice thick strappy foliage and grows in clumps and is perfect for modern landscapes and unlike most other grasses from spring until winter it produces beautiful butterfly-like flowers with white petals and blue and yellow centres. Butterfly Grass® Dietes is one of the most versatile plants, it thrives in difficult sites, enjoys drought, wind, heat and poor soils. It’s great to plant behind low flowering borders such as gazania, Daisy Spray® Erigeron or pink carpet roses. Because Butterfly Grass® Dietes is so easy to establish and maintain you see it mass planted in many roadside and commercial plantings. Chris & Maries grow their own Butterfly Grass® Dietes and we are able to offer it direct to the public in very low price. Butterfly Grass® Dietes can be used to under plant trees, as a specimen in a cottage garden or a tall flowering border in a modern garden.