Eucalyptus ‘Dry White’ 6″ Pot


Eucalyptus ornans 

Dry White is well suited for small gardens which call for small shade & shelter trees. This variety is the perfect choice at 5-8 metres tall & only 3-5 metres spread. Add the other features such as: fine trunk, smooth bark, highly perfumed silky foliage with pink new growth, a softly weeping habit which allows Winter light to penetrate, a long bud-set anticipation period and masses of clustered white flowers in late Winter, and you have the perfect package.

Dry White is noted for a second flowering which can occur in Summer. Grows in climates from cool temperate to sub tropical and semi arid in well drained clay loam soils of a neutral to acid nature, both inland with frost or near-coastal sites.

6″ pot size.

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