Fraxinus ‘Evergreen Ash’ 16″ Pot


Fraxinus griffithii ‘Evergreen Flowering Ash’

Evergreen Flowering Ash is a fast growing evergreen tree, it bears foliage that is glossy green on top and a hairy silver colour underneath. Ideal as a feature tree for the garden, parks or street planting.

Evergreen Flowering Ash is best placed in full sunlight with well drained soil. It is drought tolerant and requires low maintenance once established. Grows to approximately 8 meters in height.

16″ pot size. Approximately 2m in height, with a thicker more advanced trunk.

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Additional information


Fraxinus griffithii


10m x 6m


Small pale green shiny leaves that are silvery beneath, long panicles of white flowers are formed at the tips in spring


Full sun in well-drained soil, will tolerate dry conditions


Specimen, street tree, avenues, windbreak