Pyrus ‘Everscreen’ Ornamental Pear 13” Pot


Pyrus Calleryana “Everscreen Ornamental Pear”

Everscreen Ornamental Pears (also known as Winter Glow) are one of the only ornamental pear trees that retain their foliage during the winter months unless they are grown in very cold climates. These pears are excellent for use as hedges and screens. Clip them to create a dense leafy canopy and to maintain their height and width. If left unpruned they can grow up to 6m tall and 4m wide.

13″ pot size.

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Product Description

At last an ornamental pear that has all the features such as hardiness, fast growth, compact size and lush glossy foliage that make the ornamental pear such a popular choice in Melbourne gardens. Unlike other Ornamental Pears that drop leaves for four months of the year the EverScreen Ornamental Pear retains its leaves throughout the winter months. EverScreen Ornamental Pear has an upright pyramidal shape this is combined with its year round foliage that makes it the best pear to select as a tall fast growing screen.