Fagus ‘European Beech Tree’ Green 13″ Pot


Fagus sylvatica

Beeches are large, long lived deciduous trees native to England and Europe. They are great, low maintainence big, elegant trees. Beeches bear fresh green foliage that change to a rich golden colour in Autumn, with smooth grey bark. The bark is a favourite for name carving and many of the Beech trees you’ve seen probably have young lovers’ names etched into them for eternity (or the life of the tree).

A Beech tree can grow to quite some size, reaching heights of up to 40 meters, and is a great lawn specimen and shade tree for this reason. Also popular for hedging, screening or pleaching – the tallest and longest hedge in the world is made of Beech. Also tolerates poor or sandy soils, but doesn’t like waterlogged areas.

12″/30cm pot

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