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Ficus hillii ‘Hill’s Weeping Fig’ 12″ Pot


Ficus microcarpa hillii

Ficus hillii or ‘Hill’s Weeping Fig’ are the hardiest of the evergreen ficus plants and are the number one choice for standardizing. The soft, white bark contrasts beautifully against the exuberant, glossy green foliage, making a feature out of your pleached hedge or standard topiary.

Unlike other ficus, the foliage of the Hill’s Weeping Ficus can be hit by a hard frost without recoiling and turning black. Ficus hillii can tolerate a wide range of soils from clay to sandy, preferring a rich, moist loam in which it would thrive. They grow best in full sun to part shade and produce no flowers, making it a no mess hedging option!

Ficus roots are known to be quite vigorous, but can be controlled by keeping the foliage and head of the plant trimmed, roughly 2-4 times a year. They are best planted away from water pipes, easements and pools to avoid any root issues.


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