Ficus ‘Tineke’ Rubber Fig 4″ Pot


Ficus elastica ‘Tineke’ Rubber plant

The ‘Tineke’ ficus elastica is a gorgeous and rare houseplant, it boasts beautiful green, pink and cream variegated leaves. Super stylish!

This beauty loves bright indirect light and does best when placed within 1 meter of the window. Be careful not to burn her leaves with hot direct sunlight. It DOES NOT like wet feet, the most common mistake with these is over watering. Dust the leaves often so the plant can photosynthesise efficiently and enjoy her beauty!

Grows approximately H: 3 metres W: 2 meters (unless the roots are constrained by a pot) *Please note if planted in the ground these plants grow very large and have invasive roots so we recommend keeping it in a pot.

4″ pot size.

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