Gazania ‘Silver Leaf Mixed’ 7″ Pot


Gazania splendens

The stunning silver foliage contrasts well with a showy mix of yellow, white, rose and bronze flowers that make Gazania Silver Leaved Mix a standout perennial. Gazania Silver Leaved is a vigorous bloomer with a compact bushy form that is easy to grow, tolerating hot, dry conditions.

Add some colour to your garden! These flowers are complemented well by soft pink, red, yellow and orange blooms that add some eye-catching contrast.

Grows approximately H: 25 cm W:25 cm

Full Sun position.

7/8″ pot size – All different colours.

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Additional information

botanical name


height x width

15cm x spreading


Large colorful daisy-like flowers are borne in mass over the warmer months colors range from cream to yellow, gold, pink, red, buff, brown and intermediate shades usually with contrasting bands or spots at the petal bases.


Full sun in well-drained slightly dry soil, likes sandy soil

landscape use

Dry garden beds, hanging baskets, mass plantings, pots, embankments