Golden Elm


Ulmus glabra “Lutescens”

Golden Elm is an eye-catching, golden-leaved Elm with a wide spreading habit. This Elm is a very impressive shade tree that can create foliage contrast in gardens and parks. Can be kept cut back to a small tree or grow into a spectacular large tree where space allows.

In spring the new growth is a pale lime-green which turnsย bright greenish-gold. The leaves broaden and turn yellow in autumn making it a perfect feature tree.

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Additional information

botanical name

Ulmus glabra ?Lutescens?

height x width

14m x 10m


The rough textured leaves are lime-green in spring, turning gold in summer and the color intensifies to a strong golden color in autumn


Very hardy, prefers full sun in well-drained soil,

landscape use

Shade tree, avenues, street tree, large gardens, parks, color contrast