Oregano ‘Greek’ 3″ Pot


There are many different varieties of oregano, but Greek Oregano is by far the most popular one in the kitchen. Most say it has a smoother, yet stronger flavour that is more palatable than common oregano. Like common oregano, this variety is a hardy perennial that is native to the Mediterranean region. Suited to pots or in the ground, this herb loves the sun, so plant in a sunny position with lots of midday sun. In well drained, sandy soil with average watering, trim it regularly to keep it in great condition. The best flavour is in the leaves just before the plant flowers. Leaves can be used fresh or dried, and leaves can be frozen also. Enjoy this great culinary herb, on pizzas, in egg dishes, and in tomato dishes. Like the Greeks, why not toss fresh leaves into a salad? Or add it to a Mexican dish, like fajitas or tacos.

3″ pot size.

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botanical name

Origanum vulgare "Hirtum"