Hedera ‘English Ivy’ Variegated 8″ (Hanging Basket)


Hedera helix variegata

English Ivy is an easy fix to unsightly or boring fences. You can create a unique cream and green mottled living “tapestry” by letting this climbing darling do it’s thing. It has little feet and roots that help the plant adventure unassisted, but you can guide the plant by putting up wires or trellis if you like. As this beauty has lovely long vines, it also looks great in hanging baskets too!

Variegated English Ivy is not only pretty, but tough and can grow in full sun to shade. The only dislike it has is standing in puddles! So don’t plant in waterlogged soil.

Keep an eye on this little mountain climber, because without regular trims it may can get out of hand.

Spreads approximately: 3 Meters

8″/20cm hanging basket

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