Buxus ‘Korean Box’ 3″ Pot


Buxus microphylla ‘Korean Box’

Korean Box is a fantastic compact shrub with dark oval leaves. It’s the perfect drought tolerant hedge, it has a higher tolerance to heat than other varieties of Box hedges, requiring little water once established. It does best is full sun however it can tolerate part shade just as well.

Korean Box has a fine leaf, and is low and slow growing. This plant has a moderate growth rate that grows to approximately 50-60cm in height. Plant every 20cm – 5 per meter for an optimum hedge.

3″ pot size, approximately 12cm in height.

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Additional information


Buxus microphylla var koreana


Up to 1m, or cut back to desired height


For border: 25cm


Glossy fine oval-shaped green leaves


Sun to part shade in well-drained soil


Low border, formal border, mazes, topiary