Kiwi Fruit (Female) 2L Pot

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Actinidia deliciosa ‘Kiwi Fruit’ (FEMALE)

Also known as Chinese Gooseberry, Kiwifruit are delicious and very nutritious. For best results this large deciduous vine requires a sturdy support that needs to be installed before planting out the vines.

In order to bear fruit it is necessary to have both male and female plants for cross pollination; for large plantings one male for every four female plants is the recommended ratio, but one of each will be sufficient in normal backyards.

Kiwifruit vines prefer a full sun to part shade position, and likes a cooler east-facing site with shelter from the wind to avoid damaging the large foliage and ripening fruit. Requiring a cold Winter to encourage flower and fruit set, regular watering during the warmer months will ensure good fruit production.
Pruning out whippy growth after fruit has formed will ensure the energy goes into the developing fruit rather than the new growth. A more vigorous pruning can be done to the male plants at this time as they are naturally stronger growers.

2L pot size

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