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Pyrus ‘Korean Sun™’ Ornamental Pear 16″ Pot


Pyrus fauriei ‘Westwood’

Korean Sun™
This gorgeous well kept secret really does tick all the boxes.  It is extremely hardy and copes with poor soil, wind, drought, frost and slight boggy soils. At the same time it is an extremely attractive tree with lovely, well shaped, mid green foliage during the warmer months, colouring up to your traditional ornamental pear colours of yellow, orange and predominantly red come Autumn. 

Korean Sun Pear Trees tend to hold their Autumn foliage so you get to enjoy the show longer! This fabulous tree is virtually a dwarf, only reaching 4m in height with a rounded shape making it suitable for any garden.  It can be a feature tree (with it’s stunning Spring blossom display), makes a great avenue tree or could be a screening tree along your fence.  Minimal care required for this fabulous pear so plant one now and enjoy!

16”/40cm pot

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