Lagerstroemia ‘Diamonds in the Dark®’ (Best Red) Crepe Myrtle 16″ Pot


Lagerstroemia indica ‘Best Red’ Diamonds in the Dark® 

Best Red features flawless near-black foliage that emerges in early Spring, followed by masses of vivid red blooms from Summer until first frost. When planted en masse the Dark Red Hot creates a vibrant show of colour.

Best Red will grow to approximately 3m x 2.5m in height and width. It’s compact growth habit makes it attractive as a flowering hedge or as a lovely tree to line your driveway or fence. It is also perfect for planting in decorative pots to place on your deck, porch or balcony. They are deciduous and will lose their foliage between late autumn with stunning new growth appearing in spring.

16”/40cm pot

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