Laurus ‘Bay Tree’ 10″ Pot


Laurus nobilis

Native to the Mediterranean, the Bay Tree is well known for its culinary use, often added to soups and stews. It is an upright, hardy evergreen tree with deep green, aromatic foliage. Leaves are glossy and oval in shape and hang from red-brown branches. In Spring, yellow buds appear, opening to clusters of fluffy yellow flowers, adding a lovely contrast among the foliage. Tough, beautiful and useful, this tree lends itself well to hedging and is also an excellent choice for topiary.

The Bay Tree is a great tree that can be used in small or large gardens. It responds well to pruning, so it can be made into a standard shape, used as a hedge, kept small or allowed to grow to its full size.

Bay Trees are an extremely adaptable plant that is coastal tolerant, preferring a sunny position in a well drained fertile soil.

10″ pot size

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