Cupressus ‘Leighton Green’ Conifer 8″ Pot

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Cupressocyparis leylandii ‘Leighton Green Conifer’

Leighton Green Cypress is one of the most effective plants for creating complete privacy, protection from noise/dust and creating a strong windbreak. It looks lovely as a clipped formal hedge in the suburbs or powerful thick screen out on the farm.

An amazing plant, it can grow up to three meters in the first 18 months of planting. Prefers well-drained, fertile soil in a full sun position. Hardy in most climates and can handle conditions such as frost, salt and air pollution.

Grows 10+ Meters tall if not maintained.

8″ pot size.

Product Description

When it comes to finding the world’s fastest growing and most effective screen for giving you complete privacy, protection from noise, dust and creating the perfect windbreak, it easily comes down to our Leighton Green Hedging Conifer (Leighton Green Cypress).

It has such a beautiful dense, leafy green foliage compared to any broadleaf Pittosporum, Lilly Pilly, Ornamental Pear or Photinia. It is capable of growing up to 3 meters in the first 18 months when planted from a small sized plant. In fact it grows faster than any other conifer or cypress.

Click here to view our Leighton Green Hedging Conifer factsheet for more information on this fantastic plant.

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