Leptospermum ‘Aphrodite’ Tea Tree 6″ Pot


Leptospermum scoparium ‘Aphrodite’ Tea Tree

Leptospermum Aphrodite (Leptospermum scoparium) is a fast growing low spreading shrub that features masses of bright pink flowers. The long lasting flowers appear on this delightful shrub in spring, making it a real feature. Leptospermum Aphrodite is bird and butterfly attracting and makes a great fast growing screening plant as it has a naturally dense growth habit. Tolerates a light frost.

Leptospermum, also known as Tea Tree are an extremely hardy Australian Native shrub. Modern cultivars feature spectacular and long lasting flowers making them suitable as drought tolerant feature plants or hedging. Their dense growth habit also make them suitable as screening plants. Will tolerate a wide range of soils and positions and will thrive in coastal areas.

6” pot


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