Metrosideros ‘NZ Christmas Tree’ Tahiti 6″ Pot

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Metrosideros Collina ‘Tahiti’ NZ Christmas Bush (Dwarf)

Love NZ Christmas bush but don’t have the space? It’s your lucky day! Tahiti has all the red fluffy flowers of its big sisters, in a cute compact size that’s just as tough and resilient and easy-care. Grow it in a pot, make a low hedge, plant it in mixed border and enjoy the lovely year-round foliage colour.

6″ pot size.

Product Description

Metrosideros Collina ‘Tahiti’ NZ Christmas Bush (Dwarf)

Metrosideros collina ‘Tahiti’ is a medium sized evergreen shrub that will add colour and shape to any garden. It is the dwarf version of Metrosideros. It has red fluffy flowers that cover the plant in spring and summer and silver-grey foliage. Metrosideros Tahiti is a tough and easy care plant, it is drought tolerant and tolerant of coastal salty winds Ideal for shrubberies, hedges, coastal gardens and would also look great in pots/patio planters. Grows best in full sun areas protected from frost and well drained soils. Metrosideros collina Tahiti wil grow up to 1m high and 1m wide.