Osteospermum ‘Akila Sunset Shades’ African Daisy 6″ Pot


Osteospermum eckloniis

The Akila Sunset Shades African Daisy has a beautiful array of assorted colours throughout Spring. This is a great choice for mass planting African Daisies for a garden bed or border, where you want a nice mix of colour but don’t want to fiddle around picking an assortment of varieties.

African Daisies in general are very hardy landscaping plants with a low growing, spreading habit. They will grow to a width of around 35-50cm and a height of only roughly 30cm.

Keep in mind that, as this is an assorted mix of purples and white flowering colours, when buying single plants it’s not possible to predict which colour you will get. Best to buy at least 6 and enjoy the colour selection nature provides.

6″/14cm pot

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