Mint ‘Pineapple’ 4″ Pot



Pineapple Mint, All types of mint are vigorous, fast growing, spreading perennials. You need to plant them where they have room to spread or plant them in pots. Mint plants send out runners just above and below the ground level, quickly forming large lush green patches. Planted in the right spot they make fantastic ground covers. Mint can grow anything up to 1m tall, but require regular trimming to ensure nice bushy, healthy plants. Although mint is hardy and will adapt to almost any spot in your garden, it prefers cool damp conditions in partial shade. Mints make good companion plants, repelling unwanted pests and attracting beneficial ones. Pineapple mint is an attractive herb, and is often only used decoratively. However, this little herb is a good addition to the kitchen, with its fruity-minty flavour. It’s leaves can be used to make apple mint jelly, as well as for flavouring cous cous, and rice dishes. You can make a fruity Mint tea, or use it as a garnish, or in salads. Use the leaves fresh or dried, or you can freeze them in ice cube trays.

4”/10cm pot

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botanical name

Mentha Suaveolens "Variegata"