Premium Potting Mix/Soil 10L Bag


Our potting mix is specially formulated for multi-purpose use, both in pots or for mixing through garden soil to improve overall soil quality. It’s a very good idea to include a potting mix with your plant purchase even if your plants are not going in pots, as mixing it through the planting area will even out your soil and help create a “not too heavy, not too light” balance. This is especially important with clay soils or very sandy soils.

Our premium potting mix is made from composted pine park, coco peat, trace elements for balanced plant nutrition. It is free from pathogens, weed seeds, and off smells. It has a neutral Ph of 6 and is ideal for making your custom potting mix, by adding some compost or manure. It’s some of the most sterile and safe potting mix around for your plants, and very affordable!

10L Bag

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