Rosmarinus ‘Prostrate’ Rosemary 3″ Pot


Rosmarinus officinalis ‘Prostratus’, Creeping Rosemary

Prostrate or Creeping Rosemary is a fast growing, hardy perennial shrub. It has the same attractive flowers and classic aroma as common rosemary, but grows low and spreading along the ground, making it an excellent ground cover, and is great to use in rock gardens or at the edge of large containers or in hanging baskets.

Prostrate Rosemary loves moist, well drained soil, and full sun. However it will tolerate some short dry spells. Not only is this plant handy for the kitchen garden, it looks stunning as well!

3″ pot size.

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Botanical Name

Salvia rosmarinus 'Prostratus' (syn. R. officinalis)