Prunus ‘Elvins’ Flowering Plum 10″ Pot


Prunus cerasifera elvins

Tis called a plum! But a fruiting plum it is not! The Elvins Flowering Plum is a perfect little round deciduous tree with stunning autumn colours, come spring time pops of blossom unfurl into white flowers which magically change colour to coral pink. What a journey! The best option for a smaller garden as this tree may be little but mighty in personality.

Loves full sun and moist well draining soil.

10″/25cm pot size.

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Additional information

botanical name

Prunus ?Elvins?

height x width

3m x 3m


During spring single white flowers entirely cover the long branches, gradually turning to coral pink


Full sun to part shade in well-drained soil,

landscape use

Specimen, group planting, street tree, general landscaping,