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Prunus ‘Rosea’ Pink Weeping Cherry 1.2m 12″ Pot


Prunus subhirtella pendula ‘Rosea’ 

‘Rosea’ Weeping Cherry is a superb pink blossoming tree that has both spectacular floral and foliage beauty. Subhirtella weeping cherry’s grow wider than their other relatives, which makes them the best choice for a weeping shade and feature tree. You can literally sit under an umbrella canopy of blossoms in the spring! And it’s adaptable to a wide range of conditions including heat and moderate drought, the trunk only growing as tall as its graft height. A wonderful little landscape feature!

‘Rosea’ weeping cherry is best kept out of the wind so as to retain the blossoms and autumn leaves for longer. Weeping cherry’s don’t like soggy roots so plant in well draining soil or in a mound above the soil line to assist with drainage.

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13”/33cm pot – 4ft/1.2m graft

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