Citrus ‘Red’ Finger Lime 5L


Citrus australasica

Finger Limes are a native Australian citrus that has come into renown in recent years as a gourmet ingredient sought out by chefs around the world. They are called the caviar of the citrus family, as their fruit features individual tiny segments resembling caviar. Use these to garnish drinks, seafood and more. The trees themselves are fine leaved and prickly, and will grow to around 2 meters.

Finger Limes are at home in Northern New South Wales, so growing them further South requires a warm, sunny spot. They can also be grown in large pots. Finger Limes should also be protected from strong winds, as the fruit’s appearance can be damaged easily by rubbing on the branches and thorns of the tree.

Red Finger Limes feature reddish flesh.

5 litre pot (equivalent to an 8″ Pot) and are roughly 2ft tall.

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