Salvia ‘Indigo Spires’ 4″ Pot


Salvia farinacea x longispicata 

Indigo Spires is a garden classic that grows up to 1.3 meters with a sprawling habit. The plant can become very heavy under its own weight and the branches may arch as they strain with the long blooming period. The flowers are a blue-violet colour, with deeper purple undertones. It does not have its own botanical name but does have a relative in the newer called Mystic Spires. The salvia Mystic Spires is a more compact, but wider plant with similar flower spikes.

4”/10cm pot

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Product Description

Indigo Spires is a hardy plant, loves neglect and tolerates drought conditions. Regular deep watering will improve performance though. This is also a salvia that thrives in heat and humidity, which is good news for those in more tropical areas. Like most salvias, Indigo Spires does not like wet feet, so good drainage is important even though humidity is welcomed. If salvias spend winter in water logged ground, they will generally suffer and subsequently the plant dies.