Sapphire Dragon Tree 8″ Pot

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Paulownia kawakami ‘Powton Sapphire Dragon’

The Powton Sapphire Dragon Paulownia Tree is an exotic decorative deciduous shade tree which in spring is bejeweled with dazzling spikes of sapphire hued flowers. Extremely fast growing.

The Sapphire Dragon was bred specially by Chris some years ago as a superior and beautiful fast growing shade tree. It is still one of our most popular selling trees.

8″ pot size.

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Product Description

In its first year a Powton Sapphire Dragon seedling can exceed three metres. In its second year, five metres with the appearance of its first bloom. In its third year it becomes a substantial shade tree with a final height of eight metres. A three year old Powton® Sapphire Dragon can have up to 30 racemes, each one of them a metre long and half a metre wide, bearing 300 frilly orchid-like flowers that will perfume a garden with its delicate fragrance. There’s more: the Powton® is deciduous. This means that it drops its leaves during the winter allowing sunlight into your garden when it needs it the most. The Powton® Sapphire Dragon refoliates in the warmer months with enormous lush and exotic leaves that create luxuriant cool summer shade, but that’s just part of the story.

To learn more about this amazing tree, read our Sapphire Dragon Factsheet.

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