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Vigna ‘Snail Creeper/Vine’ 6″ Pot


Vigna caracalla 

The stunning Snail Vine is a wonderful fast growing climber that will elegantly drape over a trellis or archway creating a dense covering of bright green leaflets highlighted by unusual corkscrew shaped flowers beginning white to green in colour, ageing to mauve and pink. These wonderfully fragrant flowers are a real highlight and look like translucent snails as they form, opening out into a frothy swirl of colour. An evergreen heat loving tropical plant, the Snail Vine can be grown in a large pot or even in a hanging basket in a sheltered position as this vine will be deciduous in cooler climates and requires shelter from the cold in order to survive the Winter. Prefers a rich moist well drained soil, and needs adequate water whilst actively growing. For best results apply a liquid fertiliser at flowering time so plants have ample access to the nutrients they require.

6” Pots

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